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Spring is in the air

May 05 2022

It is finally spring and there are so many things to look forward to. The season is waking up the land and spring flowers have been starting to appear. Tiny buds are just starting on the trees, the days are getting longer, warmer, and sunnier. A sure sign of the season around our area is that the bufflehead ducks have arrived and so have some of the migrating birds singing their songs

I am so excited for the season and the start of the art shows, where I get to see some familiar faces and new ones also. It takes a lot of energy sharing my work outside of my studio. There is a lot of preparation and last minute tweaks and changes. There is also lots of heavy lifting and organizing.

This May will be my first show since covid had reared its ugly head and I am hoping that the virus will pass. As an artist I do my thinking, planning, drawing, and painting alone. It is a nice time to be involved in the shows and I look forward to seeing everyone again.

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