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Monday April 5 2021

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

I have been cleaning up my studio and arranging my many reference books. Keeping up with the many things in my life is a challenge as it is in many people's lives. I am tempted by the nice sunny weather and the spring birds singing, but need to work on some art. The sedentary part of drawing and painting is a bit of a challenge for me on days like this.

Covid is having an impact on my art shows and it takes a lot of focus to keep going when there are no shows in sight. These shows are a connection to the art world and other artists. The shows are like artist's reunions. We see each other yearly and catch up on each other's lives and see what each other is painting. It is kind of a way of staying accountable.

April is shaping up to be a promising month. I hope to accomplish more in the next few months in paintings and photography than I have through out the winter. Lets hope that covid settles down and we can get back to having art shows again.

Take care and enjoy spring,


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