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Being an artist during Covid

It is hard to imagine an ending to the pandemic. There has been some down time to contemplate which direction to go with my painting. Normal artist activities for me would include being active in my art shows, visiting conservation areas and other venues to do photography, going to other places that inspire me to paint, and meeting other people along the way.

I still am able to see others at a distance with a mask. We are unable to share food and enjoy pot lucks like we once did. Activities like this are done differently with everyone bringing our own food and visiting from a distance while being more aware of our surroundings.

It has given me time to focus on the photos that I have already taken over the years, and to work on art projects without deadlines. Sometimes the lack of shows can lead to procrastination or I can become submerged in a painting knowing that I don't have to quit. I push myself to keep going and look forward to when shows can be done safely.

I am enjoying my garden that has an abundance of beautiful day lilies with perfect summer weather to display their perfect beauty. The birds and butterflies are still coming to visit so this is also an opportunity to work on colour and composition. So many opportunities and so little time.

Stay safe.

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