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Amazing Autumn Oct 2022

I have been out with my camera capturing the last bits of colour before the warm weather disappears. Everything is scurrying around preparing for winter. Intense cobalt blue sky, juxtaposes against the yellows, browns, and oranges of the trees. Most of the reds have fallen off except for the sumac, but they will also soon be gone.

I start my fall pilgrimage with my husband adventuring on the Algonquin trails to catch the last of the coloured trees. Going there in the week is better, since on the weekend some of the most amazing trails are closed to allow for safe traffic flow through the park. This year we had to book the day even though we have a season pass. Life is getting so complicated. We used to just go there on a good day to enjoy the trails.

The trees are almost done in our area now. Oaks, birches and some of the other trees are barely holding on after some very heavy frosts. I have been getting out almost daily to capture and experience the outdoors before it is blanketed by snow.

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The colours were beautiful this year!

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