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Almost time to get painting again

I get anxious at this time of year to have the work of summer end. My summer flowers are almost done and the fall ones are starting. I have done lots of photography through the spring and summer which takes time to categorize

into my computer, but I have done very little painting. This seems to be the way it is. Trails are open to explore and there are so many adventures to do while the weather is nice. Normally I am preparing for art shows also.

It all takes time to get information for the paintings and there is always the thought that there is something better out there to paint. Maybe every artist has this dilemma. As photography equipment improves the photos that I take are always improving. My husband and I find new Ontario spots to explore and that brings back more photos.

Soon the fall colours will be appearing and I will be out in the forests taking more photos. I am always amazed by what we find. It may be a chipmunk or a moose but these finds make the trip extra special. These adventures make me want to paint, to share the experience artistically and uniquely. I have enjoyed these experiences from a very early age.

I don't want to wish summer away but I have to build in more painting time. It is a process that I hope to improve on.

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